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Report on the 2nd APEC Blue Economy Forum

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The self-funded 2nd APEC Blue Economy Forum on Mobilizing to Address the Rio+20 Challenge of Achieving Blue Economy in the Context of Sustainable Development: APEC Vision on Blue Economy for Post-Rio+20 Period, was endorsed on the 1st APEC OFWG meeting in Kazan, Russia in May, 2012 and held in Tianjin, China on Dec. 6-7, 2012 by State Oceanic Administration (SOA) and Tianjin Municipal Government. Over 200 participants took part in this forum, coming from 15 APEC Member Economies, other Asia-Pacific economies and 10 international organizations. 26 presentations were given and a Co-Chairs’ Statement has been distributed to participants.

Some common understandings on the development of Blue Economy in the region were reached, including but not limited to the following:
    Applies the principles set forth in the Rio+20 including but not limited to, the principles of sustainability, inclusiveness and innovation.
    Recognizes the importance of improving respective member economies’ integrated policy and projects.
    Encourages efforts to mainstream the Blue Economy in economies’ respective development agenda.
    Integrates land- and ocean-based economies, considering that the land and the ocean form an integrated whole.
    Supports inclusive growth as one of the five pillars of the APEC Leaders’ Growth Strategy by increasing income and creating job opportunities, particularly for vulnerable groups of the population by optimizing multiple economic benefits.
    Values the role of innovation in the Blue Economy by improving the technological capability and dissemination within marine industries, including the development of eco-tourism, application of low-carbon technologies and renewable marine energy.
    Promotes connectivity and communication among member economies to facilitate the free flow of goods, services, trade and investment in a sustainable and equitable manner.
    Encourages the involvement of the private sector, in particular SMEs through ABAC and other public private partnerships (PPPs) in ocean-related activities and the Blue Economy, and promotes women’s role in Blue Economy.
    Implemented in line with ecosystem-based management to balanced economic development and environmental protection.
    Strengthens the role of ocean-related cooperation in emergency preparedness, disaster relief, as well as in climate change mitigation and adaptation.
     Enhances cooperation and coordination among relevant APEC sub-foras on Blue Economy issues, while avoiding duplication and establishing partnerships with international organizations as appropriate.

The representatives of SOA were invited to give presentation on the outcomes of the forum on the SCE-COW Dialogue on Mainstreaming Ocean-related Issues held in Jarkata, Indonesia, in February, 2013, and the ABAC meeting in Jan. 2013, which has attracted great attention.

Furthermore, an initiative on APEC Blue Economy Model Program Phase I was submitted to the APEC Secretariat to highlight the regional cooperation on exploring Blue Economy model based on information and best practice sharing, with 7 economies as co-sponsors.

Call for Actions
Actions are called for, highlighted a few, like calling for relevant APEC sub-foras, such as ATCWG, CTI, EPWG, EWG, PPFS, PPSTI, PPWE, SMEWG, TPTWG, TWG, ABAC and others, to carry on cooperation in promoting Blue Economy, as well as strengthening the capacity building of APEC economies, especially developing economies, through training programs, information exchange and experience sharing, and other initiatives.