APEC Blue Economy Model Program Phase 1-OFWG 02 2013S

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The Blue Economy initiative attained the world’s attention with its prosperous vision of providing a holistic solution to achieve sustainable development on oceans in this new ocean era. Although there is no agreed definition or proved good practice, different economies have started some tentative practices to figure out a pathway towards a Blue Economy. It is time to exchange the views and best practice of Blue Economy Models with collective effort from APEC economies in order to encourage the economies’ involvement and cooperation and benefit more developing economies.

This proposal composes a few progressive phases. In Phase I, it focuses on summarizing and exploring the potential pathways through individual case study and information collection of Blue Economy experience by each participating economy. In further phases, with more economies engagement and repetitive self-exploration and economy exchange, a common understanding of APEC Blue Economy Models is expected to be achieved gradually.