President Faure speaks on sustainable development of the SADC Blue Economy and Maritime Security at the 38th SADC Summit

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Sat, 18 August 2018
Windhoek, Namibia, 17th August 2018: President Faure called upon a more pragmatic way to increase efforts being undertaken around the sustainable development of the SADC Blue Economy and for an increase in collective action towards our Maritime Security for stability in the region.
He emphasized on the need for the Summit to take advantage of the countless opportunities for effecting job creation, business transactions, youth empowerment and joint prosperity that are all in waiting from the SADC Maritime Infrastructure.
“It is important to note that a portion of our goods and services make it through our region’s shores and oceans onwards to the rest of the world. Our Southern part of the world has a commendable collective stretch of sea shore, a wide collective oceanic territory and with it, highly relevant and important exclusive economic zones. When one reflects on this untapped set of resources, one can but wonder why we are not channelling parts of our efforts in creation of proper infrastructures that would permit increased trade and movement of goods between us,” said the President.
“Furthermore, it is of utmost importance that we collectively talk on the curbing of international maritime crimes. These will create a more attractive business environment, will attract investors and foreign direct investment to our region, and thereby enable us to better compete and trade between ourselves and with the rest of the world”.
President Faure highlighted that the common vision of integration merits proper action, especially as the Summit aspires to deliver on the promise of Agenda 2063. He advocated for prioritizing the SADC Maritime Infrastructure, the SADC Maritime Security and SADC Blue Economy.
In this respect, the Seychelles President called upon the SADC Secretariat to develop concrete programmes in the Maritime Sector as part of the Blue Economy strategic intervention of the Industrialization Strategy and Road Map.
Source: State House Office of the President of the Republic of Seychelles